PubConf Speakers

  1. Aaron Powell
    10x Avocado
  2. Alex Thissen
    Lazy Bastard
  3. Amy Kapernick
    Front-End Jedi and Dog Lover
  4. Archana Wuntakal
    On a Low-Code Mission and definitely NOT an Agile Enthusiast
  5. Ash Bzak
    UX Rapscallion
  6. Barbara Fusinska
    Only Artificial Intelligence
  7. Barry Dorrans
    Permanently crying due to your bad coding choices
  8. Ben Cull
    That Guy Who Likes Beer
  9. Ben Hall
    Founder of Ocelot Uproar, launched Katacoda.
  10. Cairo Likethecity
    Amy told me I could rant for 5 minutes so here I am
  11. Cassandra Faris
    Trashy Code & Trashier TV Diva
  12. Cathy Hunt
    Yes, I tried turning it off and on again…
  13. Christina Aldan
    Trashy Code & Trashier TV Diva
  14. Damian Braidy
    Microsoft corporate shill
  15. David Burela
    ICO Consultant in containerised Blockchain AI
  16. David Neal
    Drawer of Things
  17. Dylan Beattie
    You know. The one in the hat.
  18. Eric Brandes
    Professional Typist
  19. Guy Royse
    Bad-ass Santa the Software Craftsman
  20. Hannes Lowette
    Backend VBScript Architect
  21. Heather Downing
    Just A Basic Peach
  22. Hilary Weaver-Robb
    Voted Most Likely To Make You Rewrite Your Code, 2018
  23. Ian Cooper
    Code knitter, system stitcher, and distributed puzzle solver
  24. Jake Ginnivan
  25. Jeff Strauss
    No, the other Lazy Bastard
  26. Jennifer Wadella
    Basic White Bitch
  27. Jimmy Bogard
    Untappd Architect
  28. Jonathan Mills
    JavaScript Guy
  29. Josh Michielsen
    Professional Proclaimer of Opinions
  30. Julie Grundy
    Champion of Accessibility
  31. Kris Howard
    Former dev. Yarn stash exceeds life expectancy.
  32. Krista LaFentres
    Can exit vim, but that's about it
  33. Kylie Hunt
    Workplace Happiness Guru
  34. Lars Klint
    Todd's Danish Twin
  35. Laura Bell
    Princess Luna meets GladOs
  36. Lemon
    Currently Throwing You Under The Bus
  37. Liam Westley
    Top Trumps analysis of developer personalities.
  38. Lyndsey Padget
    Badassery Tribal Elder
  39. Matt Brunt
    Wizard and keeper of tiny dragons
  40. Matthew Renze
    Ugly bag of mostly water
  41. Michelle Sandford
    Code Matchmaker
  42. Ming Johanson
    Mother of Unicorns
  43. Niall Merrigan
  44. Nik Molnar
    Bit Butcher
  45. Rob Crowley
    Principal Shit Stirrer
  46. Sandi Barr
    Portable on Demand
  47. Scott Allen
    The Profit of Pluralsight
  48. Scott Helme
    Whinging Pom
  49. Shawn Wildermuth
    Director of Self-Importance at
  50. Stephen Haunts
    Steve the Demotivator
  51. Todd Gardner
    Occasional JavaScript Developer and Pub Enthusiast
  52. Troy Hunt
    Rather Stupid Security Researcher
  53. Xharmagne Carandang
    Loves designing, building and debugging magic