The Software Variety Show and Afterparty

Rapid-fire funny talks, musical acts, and comedy stunts from amazing developers.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Plus, food and drinks are included in your ticket!

Special Guests

  • Ash Bzak
    UX'd It! Ash Bzak UX Rapscallion
  • Cassandra Faris
    Sh*t My Candidates Say Cassandra Faris The Tech Community's Biggest Fangirl
  • Christina Aldan
    How Product Delivery is Like a Telenovela Christina Aldan Trashy Code & Trashier TV Diva
  • Dylan Beattie
    How to Succeed in the Enterprise Dylan Beattie The guy with the hat
  • Hannes Lowette
    Parks & Code Creation Hannes Lowette Backend VBScript Architect
  • Jennifer Wadella champion
    If Choosing a JavaScript Framework Was Like an Episode of the Bachelorette Jennifer Wadella Here for the right reasons: bourbon and fame
  • Krista LaFentres
    AdTech-Files: The Money is Out There Krista LaFentres Can exit vim, but that's about it
  • Lemon champion
    Oops! I Made A Simpsons Porno?! Lemon Made One Tiny Mistake and Look What Happened
  • Richard Campbell
    Coming Soon Richard Campbell Lazy Bastard
  • Sandi Barr
    Lunch Provided Sandi Barr Portable on Demand

Hosted By

  • Todd Gardner
    Todd Gardner Occasional JavaScript Developer and Pub Enthusiast


19 Jul

PubConf Kansas City

after KCDC

2 Oct

PubConf Amsterdam


18 Oct

PubConf Sydney

after NDC Sydney

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for PubConf Kansas City


  • Is this a joke?
    Yes. Well, kind of. We're really throwing this party, these speakers are really going to speak on these topics, and we're really going to have beer. But it's all light-hearted and fun.
  • I didn't attend KCDC, can I still come to PubConf?
    Absolutely! While PubConf is the official after-party for KCDC, it is a separately ticketed event and we'd love to have you there!
  • What's included with my ticket?
    We'll provide pub-fare food, some adult beverages, a great show, and amazing people. If you need something more, well, maybe this isn't the event for you.
  • When will tickets be available?
    We release the first round of tickets about a month before the event. The second batch of tickets is held until the week of KCDC.


Doors Open - 6:00pm
Show Time - 7:00pm


Tom's Town Distillery
1701 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108