PubConf Perth 2019

PubConf Perth 2019


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Rapid-fire funny talks, musical acts, and comedy stunts from amazing developers. Food, drinks, and laughs are included with your ticket.

Saturday, August 3, 2019 @07:30 pm at The Flour Factory.

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WTF is This?!

PubConf is a comedy variety show for software folks. We partner with conferences around the world to bring you lighthearted fun and community in a non-professional setting.

Is this a joke?

Yes. Well, kind of. We're really throwing this party, these speakers are really going to speak on these topics, and we're really going to have some drinks. But it's all light-hearted and fun.

Is this a professional event?

No, This is a comedy variety show at a pub.

Can I go to PubConf if I didn't attend DDDPerth?

Absolutely! While PubConf is in partnership with DDDPerth, it is a separately ticketed event and we'd love to have you there!

What's included with my ticket?

We'll provide pub-fare food, some adult beverages, a great show, and amazing people. If you need something more, well, maybe this isn't the event for you.