The Software Variety Show and Afterparty

Rapid-fire funny talks, musical acts, and comedy stunts from amazing developers.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Plus, food and drinks are included in your ticket!

Special Guests

  • Dylan Beattie
    Raiders of the Lost Code Dylan Beattie The Guy with the Hat.
  • Ian Cooper
    Production is a deep ocean of secrets! Ian Cooper Code knitter, system stitcher, and distributed puzzle solver
  • Jennifer Wadella champion
    Nuke the Front-End From Orbit, It's the Only Way to be Sure! Jennifer Wadella Get Away from Her You Bitch!
  • Liam Westley
    The Visual Basix: Taking the Red Pill Liam Westley Still pining for VB 6.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Mark Rendle champion
    Full Metal Hackit Mark Rendle Keeper of the Profane Keywords

Hosted By

  • Todd Gardner
    Todd Gardner Occasional JavaScript Developer and Pub Enthusiast


9 May

PubConf Minnesota

after NDC Minnesota

21 Jun

PubConf Oslo

after NDC Oslo

14 Jul

PubConf Kansas City

after KCDC

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for PubConf Porto


  • Is this a joke?
    Yes. Well, kind of. We're really throwing this party, these speakers are really going to speak on these topics, and we're really going to have beer. But it's all light-hearted and fun.
  • I didn't attend NDC Porto, can I still come to PubConf?
    Absolutely! While PubConf is the official after-party for NDC Porto, it is a separately ticketed event and we'd love to have you there!
  • What's included with my ticket?
    We'll provide pub-fare food, some adult beverages, a great show, and amazing people. If you need something more, well, maybe this isn't the event for you.
  • When will tickets be available?
    We release the first round of tickets about a month before the event. The second batch of tickets is held until the week of NDC Porto.


Doors Open - 6:00pm
Show Time - 7:00pm


The Comedy Pub
7 Oxendon St, London SW1Y 4EE, UK