Speaking at PubConf

PubConf rents out a local pub and sponsors food and libations with the help of our sponsors. We invite a handful of amazing speakers to do talks. Talks are Ignite-style: you have 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide. Be provocative. Be insightful. Be funny.

Our previous speakers have included Troy Hunt, Mark Rendle, and Karoline Klever. We want to encourage the free conversations that make PubConf awesome and protect our speakers and attendees, so we’ve adopted a Code of Coduct to give you the freedom to be awesome.

Preparing your talk.

Ignite-style talks can be challenging: you have so little time, you need to stay focused and get your most important points across. If you’re nervous, here are some great tips on the Format.

As you’re preparing, we'd love your help promoting the event. Put a funny image from your deck on social media and tag us #pubconf and https://pubconf.io/.

Everyone at PubConf is on your side, we want you to be great. Plus everyone is drinking. One way or another, it’s over in 5 minutes.

Technical Logistics.

We don’t want to spend time doing tech-checks and switching out gear. And we really don’t want something to get stolen in the pub, so don’t worry about bringing a laptop. We’ll collect all the decks and have them ready to roll at the event.

We'll need to have your slides a few days ahead of time in either PDF of MP4 format. This will greatly reduce compatibility and speaker switching issues. If you have something special, happy to work that out too.

The Night Of.

You’ve already sent your deck and you’re ready to go. Come on in and have a drink, it’s all on us. We’ll have a few sets of guest talks. Once we get everyone’s talk, we figure out an order that flows nicely and put you in a set. If you have time constraints, please let us know and we’ll work it out.

When your set is ready, you'll to come “backstage” to be ready. Once a set starts, we go one-after-another. You are introduced and hopefully we have something clever to say about you. Then your up. When your slides go fullscreen, go!

Think you're up for it?