The Software Variety Show and Afterparty

Rapid-fire funny talks, musical acts, and comedy stunts from amazing developers.

Co-located with the NDC Oslo Attendee party at the Oslo Spektrum! NDC Oslo ticketholders already have access to PubConf Oslo. Buying a PubConf ticket gets you full access to the NDC Oslo attendee party.

Special Guests

  • Chris Klug
    The Devolution of the Human Species Chris Klug Entitled Snowflake
  • Elle Waters
    How to Suck at Accessibility: Cock Block your users in 10 easy steps! Elle Waters Mucker Upper for the Greater Good
  • Eric Brandes
    Sprinting Towards Failure Eric Brandes Professional Typist
  • Heather Downing
    Talk Dirty to Me Heather Downing Secretary of Offense
  • Ian Cooper
    The Duck Tape Programmer Ian Cooper Code knitter, system stitcher, and distributed puzzle solver
  • Jennifer Wadella
    How to Run a Dev Team... Into the Ground Jennifer Wadella That raging feminist 4chan warned you about
  • Michelle Sandford
    Toppling the Tech Gods and Stealing Their Secrets Michelle Sandford Benevolent revolutionary / god toppler / superhero
  • Niall Merrigan
    If the Irish Invented the Internet Niall Merrigan St Patrick's Younger Brother
  • Spencer Schneidenbach
    The Developer’s Startup Survival Guide Spencer Schneidenbach Technical Debt Collector
  • Stephen Haunts
    How to Lead Like an Utter Bastard! Stephen Haunts Steve the Demotivator
  • Troy Hunt
    Passwords Too Strong Troy Hunt Rather Stupid Security Researcher
  • Dylan Beattie
    Developer Hits from the 80s 90s and Today Dylan Beattie and the Line Breakers

Hosted By

  • Todd Gardner
    Todd Gardner Aspiring digital comedian and occasional JavaScript developer.


14 Jun

PubConf Oslo

after NDC Oslo

13 Jul

PubConf Kansas City

after KCDC

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for PubConf Oslo


  • Is this a joke?
    Yes. Well, kind of. We're really throwing this party, these speakers are really going to speak on these topics, and we're really going to have beer. But it's all light-hearted and fun.
  • I didn't attend NDC Oslo, can I still come to PubConf?
    Absolutely! While PubConf is the official after-party for NDC Oslo, it is a separately ticketed event and we'd love to have you there!
  • What's included with my ticket?
    We'll provide pub-fare food, some adult beverages, a great show, and amazing people. If you need something more, well, maybe this isn't the event for you.
  • When will tickets be available?
    We release the first round of tickets about a month before the event. The second batch of tickets is held until the week of NDC Oslo.


Doors Open - 19:00
Show Time - 20:00
Finished - 23:30


Oslo Spektrum, NDC Attendee Party
Sonja Henies plass 2, 0185 Oslo, Norway