PubConf Oslo

- Open to the (techy) public.
The developer afterparty and variety show. At the pub.

June 16, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Doors open at 6:00 pm
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Rapid-fire funny talks, musical acts, and free beer with amazing developers in a relaxed pub atmosphere.

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Talks will be lively, entertaining, and presented in Ignite-style,
5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide. It's going to be fun!
  • Damian Brady

    How to Code Like an Asshole

    Damian Brady
    An Aussie dev living in Canada. Sorry Mate.
  • Edith Harbaugh

    How to Fail at Software & Running 100 Miles

    Edith Harbaugh
    Failed Runner
  • Eric Brandes

    One Weird Trick to Avoid Losing Money in the Cloud

    Eric Brandes
    Professional Typist
  • Jessica Kerr

    Reuse is Your Enemy, Cut and Paste FTW

    Jessica Kerr
    Leader of the Crazy Nuts
  • Kylie Hunt

    From Crappy to Happy: Have You Turned It Off and On Again?

    Kylie Hunt
    Workplace Happiness Guru
  • Lars Klint

    The Rise of Windows Phone: A Satire Variety Show

    Lars Klint
    Retired Storm Trooper
  • Lyndsey Padget

    Calibrating Your Fuckometer

    Lyndsey Padget
    Token Female
  • Mark Rendle

    Dante's InVerNo: .NET Version Numbers Explained

    Mark Rendle
    Keeper of the Profane Keywords
  • Niall Merrigan

    When Words Aren’t Enough

    Niall Merrigan
    Featured in Damian’s Talk
  • Troy Hunt

    Make Cyber Great Again

    Troy Hunt
    Rather Stupid Security Researcher.

Musical Performance

  • Dylan Beattie

    Dylan Beattie

    You know, the one with the hat.
    Software Parodies of Yesterday's Greatest Hits


Introducing our guests, and making some jokes.
  • Todd Gardner

    Todd H. Gardner

    PubConf Producer
    Occasional JavaScript Developer.

PubConf Championship

The ultimate speaker competition: the best speakers of the night compete for the PubConf Trophy by bullshitting their way through a never-before-seen presentation.


The Scotsman
The Scotsman
Karl Johans Gate 17 - 0159 Oslo Norway
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Condense a conference into one beer-fueled evening of laughs, and you have PubConf.


For the cost of a few beers you'll enjoy free drinks, free pub-fare food, and amazingly funny developers.

Space is limited, don't wait!
All attendees, speakers, and sponsors at PubConf are required to agree and follow the code of conduct. We will enforce this code throughout the event.


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